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Jewellery findings - jewellery making supplies, Findings Jewelry Making

Jewellery findings for making jewelry are articles necessary in the workshop of every artist who creates jewelry. We offer silver accessories, glass beads, natural stones. Great prices, up to 30% discount, see!

Thousands of jewellery findings for making jewelry, including ear wires, links, pins, clamping balls. Perfect accessories for jewelry. Buy at wholesale and retail jewellery findings with the best prices. Including jewelry blanks: silver 925, silver plated or silver.

What are jewellery findings? These are all elements that are used to thread, fasten, hang or connect individual parts of the necklace, earrings or bracelets such as ear wires, wires, tips, trap, federing, snap hooks, as well as clamping spheres and a link.

The offer of store includes over 1300 jewellery findings for jewelery, including silver 925 sterling silver jewelery, made of 316l surgical steel or silver. We offer only jewellery findings from reliable producers. Each of them has a laboratory certificate, which is a guarantee of the highest quality.

We sell accessories for making jewelry in retail and wholesale packs.

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jewellery findings

Jewellery findings for making jewelry

Blanks for jewelry are the basis for creating handicrafts for each jewelry. We offer over 1300 semi-finished products, including silver 925, silver plated, 316 surgical steel, and silver. We offer popular hooks, wires, tips, traps, federing, snap hooks, or clamping spheres and a link. We sell semi-finished products for jewelery in retail and wholesale packs. Jewelry accessories are of the highest quality, have laboratory certificates.

In our online store we sell various types of semi-finished products and jewelery accessories. We usually divide them into a coating color or fabric. The most popular are silver 925 blanks, silver-plated blanks, semi-finished products in silver, or semi-finished products for the manufacture of surgical steel jewelry.The main types are earwires, wires, pins, tips, slings, clamping spheres, link, spacers, tubes, sticks, fasteners and chains.

You will create beautiful earrings, necklaces or bracelets. Just match the appropriate beads to the bracelet, choose a ready clasp, or create your own with metal elements.

jewellery findings for making jewelry form the basis when creating all kinds of necklaces, earrings or other valuable decorations. All these elements are used to diversify and enrich jewelry. Thanks to them, it becomes a personalized gift, perfect for all kinds of circumstances. Such semi-finished products include straps, links, jewelry bands, or even fasteners for jewelry. Thanks to their presence in jewelry, it becomes a remarkable and original decorative element on the woman's body. Especially often it is chosen for slightly more elegant occasions, but it also adds classes every day. A well-chosen supplement will always increase the value of styling.

Jewellery findings for custome jewelry

We offer a wide range of semi-finished sizes - from 4mm to even 20mm. The most frequently chosen color of semi-finished products is of course subdued gray or white, but also those in shades of gold or blue are more and more popular. Thanks to the variety of colors of semi-finished products, they become an ideal complement to the created shapes for jewelry, as well as its additional decoration. Thongs, fasteners, or links are an inseparable element of every jewelry. A wide range of semi-finished products available on the market makes necklaces, earrings or bracelets become small works of art and enjoy the eye for many years. Check other categories of our store.