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Miyuki® beads

Miyuki beads, small Japanese beads, which belong to one of the most valued products in this industry. Buy them in our store wholesale parcels, retail discounts, possible free shipping. See!

We offer Japanese beads in a wide range of shades and colors, from which you can create original and stunning pendants, necklaces or bracelets. Miyuki are great in making hand made jewelry and all kinds of braids. Best achievement results if you work on original accessories and Miyuki semi-products such as Miyuki threads or Miyuki needles.

Miyuki beads are made of high quality durable glass with a special precision. And that makes each of them a perfect shape and is perfectly suited to the rest. A high level of performance is one of the reasons why Japanese beads are chosen by artists and designers around the world. Glass beads that will appeal to even the most demanding creators.

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Miyuki® beads

Miyuki beads

Miyuki beads are an excellent choice of high quality Japanese beads. Perfect for hand made jewelry. Great to use with Miyuki threads. Miyuki beads are perfectly made. The perfect shape of each bead. That is why they are liked so much by the creators of jewelry. Use original Miyuki needles to thread Miyuki beads. MIyuki beads come from Japan have long been competing with Toho beads. According to many, they have a better, nicer shape than Toho beads. However, they also cost a little more. Ideally suited for creating a bracelet or other kind of jewelry handmade artists.