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Ceramic beads and Porcelain beads

Porcelain and ceramic beads at great prices, a large selection. Hundreds of colors and shapes, high quality. Discounts up to 30%, the possibility of damsel shipping. Check our offer and see for yourself now!

Porcelain beads are inspired by their uneven staining and interesting design. You can choose not only many colors, but also shapes, including balls and pastilles, which allows for a very individual creative creation. Porcelain beads are elegant, they have a lot of timeless style. This type of material is often used for unusual projects. Jewelry made of porcelain beads is interesting due to the variety of its texture and shading. The size of shapes allows for its rich possibilities of combining with other materials, including metal. Porcelain beads are great as an element to create bracelets and earrings, but also necklaces that will delight your beauty.

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porcelain beads

Porcelain beads and ceramic beads.

Porcelain beads are made of white ceramics divided into traditional beads, and more shiny ceramic beads with high gloss and intense color. Ceramic beads in connection with the production technique have different colors and coatings, as well as other shapes from bullets, to cubes, and bricks. Porcelain beads are very popular semi-finished products for making jewelry.