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stringing materials for jewelry making

If you're looking for a string materials, elastic line, jewelry net or thread, then you're in the right place. We offer a large selection, attractive prices and discounts up to 30%. Over 20,000 products for making jewelry. See!

In our offer, apart from basic semi-finished products for making jewelry and other types of natural stones, Toho beads or glass beads, you will also find silk tubes, necklace bases, satin ribbons and elastic lines, strings, or a jewelry grid. These products help us achieve the expected the effect during the work on our decorations. Thanks to the precision of their finish and durability of materials used, our jewelry can be worn for long years without any worries about its condition. In our offer hundreds of products await you, which will add decorations and highlight their original character and passion that accompanied their design. Bases for necklaces are not just straps - it's also lacquered strings, strings with ribbons and velvet. In our offer you will also find flexible lines in many, really beautiful shades, which emphasize the colors of the decorations you prepare.

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