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Synthetic beads and plastic beads

Synthetic beads are usually plastic beads used to make jewelry. We offer acrylic transparent and others, eg. Colored, or plastic pearls. Discounts up to 30%, packs of 20 and 500g. See now!

Synthetic beads, otherwise known as plastic ones, are a group of beads made of artificial materials. It is worth adding, however, that they do not stand out from gemstones or glass beads. In the wide range of our store you will find caramballa beads, plastic beads, plastic pearls, as well as thermosetting masses.

They all have interesting shapes and an extremely original finish. They take the form of capsules, diamonds and balls. Synthetic beads are available in many shades - ranging from those slightly lighter, transparent, black, red, white to honey and coffee. Thanks to such a wide range of beads, you can create unusual bracelets and necklaces that will greatly emphasize the character of their creator. We can also create a chandelier-type handicraft, a curtain for doors and windows. They are made of durable material and attract not one person's attention. Synthetic beads are characterized by durability and uniqueness that all jewelry makers will love. For their winding, various types of elastic lines or steel cables can be used to make them look great.

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Synthetic beads or plastic beads

Synthetic beads include many types of beads, including plastic beads, acrylic beads and plastic beads. The most acclaimed are acrylic beads with a transparent structure, used in hundreds of ways. Synthetic beads are very light, it is easy to create even more complex patterns with their help. They have a variety of interesting shapes, for example, pastilles, balls or diamonds, which is why they perfectly match the artistic vision of every jewelery maker. You can use plastic beads to create ornaments or complement them with other compositions, for example using stones. Synthetic beads come in a multitude of colors and colors to make it easier to choose something perfect.

Plastic beads are synthetic beads used to make jewelry and all kinds of handicrafts, eg curtains, chandeliers. The most popular among them are acrylic beads, plastic beads and plastic beads. Our offer includes about 1000 plastic beads, in wholesale and retail packets.